Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Shylo's Games

When Shylo first came to us, I don't think he knew he was a dog. He had no idea how to play; he didn't know what a ball was. Now, after two and a half months, he is a totally different dog. He loves chasing a ball around the house and better yet he loves chasing Mandy around the house. Since winter has arrived in CT he doesn't get to spend much time outside, mainly because it is too cold or too muddy. He and Mandy barrel around the table in our sun room and then tear up the hall to my studio where they will wrestle for a while or turn around go back down the hall and repeat the process. 

On the days when he can play outside, he has invented a game of his own. We call it Shylo's Six Flags. He runs through the yard and up onto the hatchway door and slides down. (For those of you who might not have a basement, The hatchway is an outside entrance to the basement, the doors are at an angle like a sliding pond). It is especially funny if there is snow on the hatchway door because he is slipping and sliding up and then down again. I haven't been able to get this on the camera yet-he is so fast!

Not to be outdone, Mandy (who is much smaller), runs behind a wicker chest when he is chasing her. He stops . . . looking for her and she pops out from behind the other side of the chest and its GAME ON! Can they possibly be any cuter?