Monday, November 3, 2014

Shylo's Anniversary

It is one year today since Shylo came to stay with us. He doesn't always start out the night in our bed, probably because Mandy is jumping all over him asking him to play. When she is too pesty he will go and curl up in his favorite rocking chair. After all of his humans have gone to sleep and his four legged friends Mandy, Tigger and Saki have drifted off . . . that's when he quietly gets up on the bed with all of us. I never feel him getting up on the bed but he is always there in the morning when I wake up. Usually Mandy is the first one I am aware of in the morning; she starts wiggling around or making her cute little gremlin sounds and waits for me to get up. Tigger is always the last, he likes to "sleep in" (he is 12 years old and has earned his rest) This morning, Shylo did this "commando crawl" and worked his way up along side of me. Then he gave me little kisses and rested his chin on me. I think he was saying "thank you" for agreeing to foster him when nobody else wanted him. He is so sweet and definitely part of the family. I'm glad nobody wanted him; I think he is too.