Monday, November 3, 2014

Shylo's Anniversary

It is one year today since Shylo came to stay with us. He doesn't always start out the night in our bed, probably because Mandy is jumping all over him asking him to play. When she is too pesty he will go and curl up in his favorite rocking chair. After all of his humans have gone to sleep and his four legged friends Mandy, Tigger and Saki have drifted off . . . that's when he quietly gets up on the bed with all of us. I never feel him getting up on the bed but he is always there in the morning when I wake up. Usually Mandy is the first one I am aware of in the morning; she starts wiggling around or making her cute little gremlin sounds and waits for me to get up. Tigger is always the last, he likes to "sleep in" (he is 12 years old and has earned his rest) This morning, Shylo did this "commando crawl" and worked his way up along side of me. Then he gave me little kisses and rested his chin on me. I think he was saying "thank you" for agreeing to foster him when nobody else wanted him. He is so sweet and definitely part of the family. I'm glad nobody wanted him; I think he is too.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It has been a long time since I have posted about Shylo. He continues to make progress and work his way deeper and deeper into our family and my heart. He doesn't need his harness anymore because we don't have to keep a leash on him when he is outside. He goes in and out with the other three and no longer needs to be bribed to get him back inside. That was a major change!He does have a peculiar habit. He likes to be UP! We find him on the furniture including the table, on tree stumps, benches, log piles-anything that gets him off the ground. I wonder if his cage at the puppy mill was on the upper level. Here are some shots of him UP! You will notice there are no chairs around the table; we still haven't seen him get up there! Finding him on the tree stump really had us "stumped". I put bread out there for the squirrels; none of the other dogs have ever gotten up on that stump.  At the lowest point it is 32" off the ground  (which is actually lower than our table-hmmmm).

Monday, March 3, 2014

Too cold to play outside!

Let the games begin!
What do you do with your puppies when it's too cold to go out and play? My guys like to play find the kibble. I pull the gate across the living room door while I put little pieces of kibble all around the room. Some on the chair seats, some on the coffee table, the piano bench, and for Shylo some on the floor. As a mill puppy, he hasn't learned to use his nose to sniff out goodies. Although he is the tallest of the four dogs, he doesn't smell the kibble that is at nose level-he does pick it up off the floor if he sees it and the others don't get to it first. They love this game! It's a riot watching them all run around looking for the kibble treats, especially the puppy. Mandy is only 9 1/2 months old and is the smallest of the four so she really has to stretch to see the treats, but she finds them. I have brought Shylo in by himself for a couple of practice runs but he still hasn't totally gotten the idea yet.
Where's the treat?

Found some!
It actually got up into the thirties over the weekend so I decided to  try and take all four for a little walk. Up until now Shylo would only go as far as the next door neighbor's house even if the others were with him. This time he surprised me and went trotting along with the other three like he had been walking on a leash his whole life. We actually walked about half a mile! A neighbor went by in a car and he didn't panic. Wow! We continue to make astounding progress. I have been reading a lot about mill puppies and realize now that some of them never reach the point he has. He is happy to be with us, plays with us his foster brother and sisters and even with his toys. He is much more comfortable when people come to the house, even men. I'm thinking this is going pretty well!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Shylo loves snow days

All we can see are tails!
 There is plenty of snow here in CT this winter, and even though Shylo is a "southerner" he seems to love it. We actually (meaning my daughter) made a "track" for the dogs so they can run around the yard without disappearing. Shylo hasn't figured out why he can't just walk on top of it; he keeps trying and falling in! We can't leave them out very long because it has been so cold, but they love every chance they get to go out. They line up at the door waiting for Shylo to get his leash on (or sweaters if it is really cold.

Shylo has really settled in and become one of the gang. He is now wrestling with Tigger our 11 year old Shih Tzu/Lhasa mix. Mandy looks a little confused since she thinks she is the only one Shylo should play with. It is a wonderful process watching Shylo (as my husband puts it) becoming a real dog. I had no idea what I was getting into fostering a "mill puppy", but it is incredibly rewarding. One by one the issues are going away; he really is a sweety.

There they are!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Shylo's Games

When Shylo first came to us, I don't think he knew he was a dog. He had no idea how to play; he didn't know what a ball was. Now, after two and a half months, he is a totally different dog. He loves chasing a ball around the house and better yet he loves chasing Mandy around the house. Since winter has arrived in CT he doesn't get to spend much time outside, mainly because it is too cold or too muddy. He and Mandy barrel around the table in our sun room and then tear up the hall to my studio where they will wrestle for a while or turn around go back down the hall and repeat the process. 

On the days when he can play outside, he has invented a game of his own. We call it Shylo's Six Flags. He runs through the yard and up onto the hatchway door and slides down. (For those of you who might not have a basement, The hatchway is an outside entrance to the basement, the doors are at an angle like a sliding pond). It is especially funny if there is snow on the hatchway door because he is slipping and sliding up and then down again. I haven't been able to get this on the camera yet-he is so fast!

Not to be outdone, Mandy (who is much smaller), runs behind a wicker chest when he is chasing her. He stops . . . looking for her and she pops out from behind the other side of the chest and its GAME ON! Can they possibly be any cuter?