Friday, May 8, 2015

 I haven't been writing much about my shy one, Shylo . . . he's not nearly as shy as when he first came to us. I can't believe he has been here a year and a half-I think he is going to be my forever foster. He is still a work in progress and there are times I really wish I could get inside his head to know what he is thinking and feeling.

He is definitely part of our pack but still submissive. He is best friends with Mandy who is a "diva in training". Saki used to be the diva but she is slowing down at 11+ years. Tigger is my Zen Shitz Tzu nothing bothers him; I have to wake him up to eat! Shylo is still skittish; if there is a loud noise-he's gone. But he has learned how to play! with the other dogs and now he even plays with toys. He doesn't get up on the table anymore (thank goodness) but still gets up on logs and tree stumps. He also likes to "hide" as you can see in the picture above. He has special shrubs in my meditation garden and he crawls in under them so you can't even see him-then he just "chills". If I walk back looking for him, I hear him rustling around and then up pops his head. He's a sweetie.

Every morning he sits after his breakfast so I can put a leash on him and Mandy and take them for their walk. Sometimes Tigger joins us; Saki has a cranky knee so she doesn't walk with us very often. We still have some issues with getting him to come in without being coaxed, but this afternoon he barked to come in. That's a first!