Monday, November 11, 2013

Bozo renamed Shylo

Sunday November 3,2013-The excitement keeps mounting as the emails keep flying through cyberspace letting us know how close the transport is and when we will get to meet our foster puppy for the first time. My daughter, Christie, drives me up to the meeting place while my husband stays at home so he can put our other three dogs in a quiet place while we bring the new foster puppy in. All the way up we are discussing possible names . . . everyone we spoke to from the rescue group said please change his name, nobody liked Bozo. When we met the transport it was already dark so we couldn’t see much except that he was bigger than I thought he would be and he did he really have blue eyes?

We took “Bozo” (can you believe he was given the name Bozo?) and put him in our car. Patty the rescue angel told us just to open his crate when we get home and let him take his time coming out. She says mill puppies sometimes take hours before they are calm enough to come out. She gave us his leash, paperwork, toys and a beautiful hand crocheted blanket so he has something new to take with him. He never made a sound all the way home.

When we got to the house and opened the crate door he came right out and went over to where the other three dogs were gated! Surprise!  . . .  but he wouldn’t let any of us get near him. He doesn’t growl or show his teeth-he just bolts if we approach him. He’s not very pretty, doesn’t look a whole lot like a Shih Tzu. He is black and white with some brown mixed in with the black and, yes, he has beautiful blue eyes. He has a protruding lower jaw and is kind of “snaggle toothed”; his eyes are kind of set back (unlike a Shih Tzu) and his back legs are quite a bit longer than his front legs.

We fed him supper, which he gobbled right down and then caught him to put a leash on him and took him out to do his business. Since he hated the leash as well as being touched, I decided to leave a leash on him so he could get used to the idea. He went into his crate on his own and we gated him in the sunroom. He fussed for a while and my husband thought it might be a good idea to leave a light on for him-he finally went to sleep.

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