Sunday, November 24, 2013

Feeling more at home

It will be three weeks tonight since Shylo came to stay with us. We are fostering him for the Shih Tzu and Furbaby Rescue group. ( ). I am astounded at the lengths this group goes to to make sure these dogs are saved from kill shelters, puppy mills, and hoarders. Shylo is two years old and this is the first time he has lived in a real home. From starting out fearing the human touch, he is more relaxed now. He has picked out some favorite spots to "hang out" and even shares them with the other dogs. He is going to make someone very happy when he finds his "furever home". We're getting used to having him around (we're not allowed to keep our first foster.) and Mandy just loves him. I guess we'll just have to foster another dog when Shylo gets adopted.

"Chillaxin" on the sofa

Waiting his turn for his favorite chair

I brushed him out and gave him a little trim since he was starting to mat from the collar and the harness. His reaction? HE FELL ASLEEP!!!!! I love this little guy!

He slept through the whole thing!

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