Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Making friends slowly

Day 5-I moved his crate out of the sunroom and into my work studio. He likes to go in and out during the day so it is easier for me to watch him. My other three spend a lot of time there and have beds and their toys there. We had decided the night before not to gate him at night and he seemed much happier. When I went to bed and took the puppy to bed he stayed up with the other two and my husband. He’s very quiet at night and when I hear his collar jingle in the morning, I get right up to let him out. He wakes up much earlier than my older dogs.

Day 6-Shylo and Mandy are becoming fast friends; he chases her around the yard and through my meditation garden.  He  is much slower to warm up to men than women-have no idea why. sometimes when we leave the room and come back in we have to go through the "warm up" period again to reassure him. Oh-and he can and does bark, especially at a new face.

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