Friday, November 15, 2013

Shylo and Mandy Playing

 Mandy is really helping to bring out Shylo's personality. He is learning how to play with toys and Mandy. He loves taking toys away from her so she can chase him; sometimes she even gets them back!
Mandy & Shylo going out to play

Please play with me

That's more like it!

I Pinned him!
Day 7-Shylo has a mischievous side-who knew? He has taken quite a shine to Tigger’s food dish and keeps “stealing” it. Fortunately, they had all eaten so the dish was empty-not so the water dish. After mopping up, I filled the water dish and figured it would be too heavy to move. NOT!!! He likes to chew on plastic things and has already chewed a hole in his brand new food dish!

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