Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 1–We decided to call him Shylo-it certainly seemed to fit him. He woke at about 6 AM and I took him out back. Since the leash was still on him I only had to catch the leash! Our usual morning routine (me and my other three) is to get up early, put their leashes on and take them for a 2-3 mile walk. It’s good for them as well as me. Of course it will be a while before Shylo joins the group since he is so skittish. When I take him out, I put a long leash (I connected 3 leashes) so he feels “free”.  He is watching the other dogs and seems real comfortable with them. He likes being outside  more than being in the house and hesitates when it is time to come in.

Day 2-Christie brought over a 25” lead tonight so Shylo could run a little. We’ve been working with Mandy teaching her the “come” command. She comes because she knows she will get a treat. Shylo watches her and then comes for a treat of his own. Tonight, when we finished working with him he didn’t want to come in. The other three all came in and got their treats and he just sat on the deck watching. Christie got down on the floor and tried coaxing him to come through the open slider. He came close but still wouldn’t come in. She kept right at it and finally he put his front paws through the door but every time we got near him he bolted back outside. He finally came in but every time we tried to close the door behind him he would run back out. Finally, I wen
Shylo lives up to his name!
t out the front door, through the garden, and up on the back deck. When Christie coaxed him in, I closed the door behind him. Whew!

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