Tuesday, November 12, 2013

We finally hold Shylo

Day 3-Shylo is starting to come up to us but he still won’t let us pet him. We can’t reach out to him without spooking him. We’re going to have to go very slowly, but he is making friends with the others; especially Mandy. When I had him outside today in the back garden he actually let me touch his face and rub his head a little. I was so excited I called Christie right away to tell her. She calls a couple of times a day to find out how her little buddy is doing.

Day 4-Christie comes over after work to play with Mandy and work with Shylo. We are determined to get him to love us as much as we already love him. The harness he had on when he came seems to annoy him so we decided to swith it to a lighter weight harness. Of course that means we had to catch him and actually hold him. Much to our surprise when we actually got him he was very docile and quiet. I thought he would freak out if we tried to hold him. We switched the harness and then Christie held him in her lap. He was quivering. It’s sad to think a dog would be afraid to be held. She held him for a while and then I did. We petted and reassured him and I finally felt his muscles relax and he let out this big sigh. What a huge step that was!

We finally get to hold him!

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